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Question: can these products be used on a baby or toddler? thanks

Becky Zeune


Question: A Tennessee friend showed me Chamberlain lotion. I would like to buy a couple of bottles, but can find no store near me or to mail order. May I buy directly from you? For shipping to Mississippi 39180.

E Hands


Question: Why haven't I heard from about my change of order? I wanted 10 Chamberlain Lotion, original scent, flip top lid after I canceled my first order. Diane Talcott

Diane Talcott


Question: Have you changed my order 7389 yet? Diane

Diane Talcott


Question: Chamberlain Golden Touch lotion has alot of alcohol in it as I can really smell the alcohol, but, it seems to smooth dry skin so sucessfully. Alcohol tends to dry out skin. Can you explain the high alcohol content? Thank You-

Nancy Severson


Question: Hi Patrick Is Golden Touch Lotion available in the UK? I've heard so many good comments about it. Regards Roy

Roy Johnson


Question: do you make custom gels and package?

emmett cunningham


Question: I have recently renevating my house I just purchased a year ago. I found a bottle in an empty room that was boarded up and was curious of how old it was. It's a glass bottle with Chamberlain's Pain-Balm on the front, Chamberlain Med Co. on one side, Des Moines, IA USA on the opposite side, and a number 2 on the bottom. Again, I was just curious of how old it is and what the medication inside was used for. Thanks

Garrett Mumby


Question: hi... i found a chamberlain's pain balm bottle. its open but i was wondering how much its worth... i really want to know.. email me back at

carley moyher


Question: Why is your product not available in any retail locations any longer?

Lynne McDonald


Question: Somebody has messed with Chamberlain's original fragrance again. The new scent is okay, but has more of a "male" scent to my nostrils. I used to get so many good comments about how good Chamberlains smelled when I used it on my skin. That does not happen any more -- darn. I also remember how aweful it smelled when Chamberlain came out with a rose scented formula. Thank goodness they didn't have that very long -- I wasn't the only one to write to them about the change, obviously, because the original was back in no time. I have been using this lotion for 60+ years and believe me I know there has been a change to the original scent. I have a very sensitive smell and I kid people by saying "I must have been a dog in my other life" because I have such a good sense of smell. Can you comment on this? Not my sense of smell, that is, but the change of the original scent. I will continue to use Chamberlain's -- my skin is in terrific shape -- and my grand daughters frequently comment on how soft my skin feels. It is the only lotion I have used on my 75 year old face and body. -- with a few exceptions now and again when I didn't have my lotion with me. Patrick, sorry I got so wordy -- but also thank you for the opportunity to unload on someone. Cheers -- Darlene Sanderson

darlene sanderson


Question: Is there anywhere near Gadsden,Al 35903 where Chamberlain hand lotion can be purchased, and if not how much is it for a 8.5 oz bottle if purchased direct from you and I am talking about just a few bottles.

James Elliott


Question: What is the new scent for the golden lotion? I am 59 and have lines around my eyes and mouth, which of the creams would you recommend? I have been using Oil of Olay products to help, but since Chamberlains has been around forever, I know it is a trusted brand.

Natalee Little


Question: i have found an old bottle of chamberlain's colic cholera an diarrhea remedy. I was wondering if it is possible to get an era date on it. The bottle is rectangular and aquamarine colored. has a long slender neck and obviously a cork top neck. Also has the number six or nine on the bottom. My research so far has shown it to be 1940s or earlier. thanks robert

robert steuber


Question: Dear Sir, My wife and have been using Golden Touch for over 20 years. The last 2-3 years we have ordered two cartons (12 @) of the 12 oz. so as to save on S&H. I understand that the 12oz is not available anymore, only in the 8oz. I was about to order 2 more cartons but was told that the 8oz will cost me as much as the 12 oz, I was paying, is this correct? Why such an increase for one fourth less in the content? I would like to place another order but I think the price is a little steep! Please acknowledge. Tom Marmolejo

Tom Marmolejo


Question: What happened to the 12 oz bottles of lotion? Can I still buy some direct by sending a check?

Doris Hirsch

Answer: Good Morning Doris, Thank you for writing to us. We made the changes in the bottle and the size to increase ease of handling and improving aesthetics of the product. I am sorry if this has caused any inconvenience to you. Yes! You can still buy directly from us by the following ways: You can send a check and we shall ship Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion as soon as we get it. You can call us at 1-877-974-7167 and order with your Master or Visa credit card. You can visit the website and buy it through the Westbury Pharmacy. You can request a pharmacy near your house to call and buy from us. They may be happy to stock it for you so that you don’t have to go far away to buy Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion. Please let us know what you feel is the most convenient to you. We love to make Golden Touch Lotion for all of you and do not want you to run dry. Good Skin to you! With Regards,

Question: I am a constant user of the "golden touch" lotion and it is by far the best product I have found for my dermatitus. I buy it by the case in Richmond. However I wish the product was available withouth the fragrance and possibly the color since part of my skin problem is an alergy to fragrance. Have you consider this as an alternate product.

Arthur Doggett

Answer: Good Morning Mr. Doggett, Thank you very much for writing to us about our favorite Golden Touch Lotion. I apologize for the delay in replying. We always appreciate your clientele and loyalty to our more than 100 year old product. There have been several suggestions regarding a fragrance and color free product; hence we are considering developing that product. Please do keep checking our website as we will update it to inform when we are ready with a new product. We are also working on a new bigger size for Golden Touch Lotion. That may be more convenient if you buy by the case. I hope your allergies get under control. Good Skin to you!

Question: I was born in Owatonna, MN in 1952 and growing up during the 50's, I watched my mother endure some VERY hard times. We had little money, Mom was a telephone operator with Northwest Bell and my father did backbreaking work as a carpenter. We had no washer or dryer, did our laundry in an old wringer washer...AND THEN....even in close to winter conditions, my mother would hang those clothes on the line outside, just to give our things that fresh smell. The point of all this is, by doing this, her hands became severely chapped to the point of bleeding!! What was her "remedy" for her badly battered hands? Chamberlain's Golden Touch lotion !!!! My earliest memories of those days growing up is always seeing that bottle of lotion on the kitchen cupboard and as a small child, I wondered how something that looked like "yellow water" could turn my mother's battered hands into the soft, caressing hands that tucked me in at night. It wasn't until I was in my teens and one day decided to "try" a product that my mother had used for SOOO LONG !! That was in 1968....and I have NOT used ANY OTHER LOTION ON MY HANDS !!! My question, Patrick, what is your secret? Not only is your product the BEST on the market, but it has survived YEARS AND YEARS of other products coming and going, on the market, off the market, but your lotion has been the one constant in my life and I am SO VERY GRATEFUL that even now that I am 57 years old, I can still count on your product. I know this is a two-sided submission, both question and testimonial, but I REALLY hope you take the time to read this. Your lotion has been a blessing in our lives and I am grateful that I can finally tell someone!! PLEASE...don't ever stop making this extraordinary product.!! Sincerely, Sherry-Lyn Weeks 101 E. Front St. Claremont, MN 55924 507-528-2788

Sherry-Lyn Weeks

Answer: Good Morning Sherry Lyn, Thank you very much for writing a very sentimental letter to us. We are glad that our lotion was a solace to your mother and you during the hardships of life. Counting our blessings always makes tasks easier. Golden Touch Lotion has been nothing less than that to all of us and many more. I am sorry I could not reply earlier. I have conveyed your message to Patrick. He tells us, the secret to Golden Touch is its high content of ‘humectants’, which are materials like glycerin that have the ability to balance water on the skin by grabbing it from the atmosphere. The fast flowing vehicle ‘Alcohol’ takes these humectants into the deepest part of the skin thus moisturizing it from the inside. Hence you find that Golden Touch makes dry skin into soft and moist skin almost immediately. This ‘yellow water’, thus has been changing lives for many of us. It is interesting to note that your last name is Weeks and the people who started this company in the late part of 18th century were also ‘Weeks’. They used to own the company as late as the early 80’s last century. We still carry their name and members of the family are always in touch. If you go through the history section on our website, you may be able to read more information and may find a connection too. In the meanwhile, we appreciate your clientele and thank you for your loyalty. Good Skin to You! With regards,

Question: do you have a product for the face or are you products for the body?

Jeanne Fleischer

Answer: Good Morning Ms. Fleischer, Thank you very much for writing to us and enquiring about the products. We have a range of products that can be used on the face and body. Golden Touch lotion is an excellent body lotion as well as a very unique under the make-up moisturizer. Vitamin E 6000 and 30,000 IU are both for intense dryness and moisturizing the face. Vitamin E 30,000 cream also works marvelously for under the eye dark circles. Fluid Moisturizer is also a very light and pleasing product to be applied to the face. Ultra-Derm and Aloe Vera lotion are both soothing lotions for the body. Hand Cream and Vitamin A-D Creams are for repair of intense dryness on hands, knees and the feet. Many people also use it like vanishing cream base for the face. I hope that this is a good introduction to all products. If you are interested in any one of them particularly, I can give you a list of ingredients that are key to the product attributes. Please do write to us about your views. As always, wish you Good Skin! With regards,

Question: Why don't more stores carry Chamberlains lotion. I have to drive 100 miles to find a store that stocks the lotion. It is the only thing that takes care of my dry skin.

karen vo

Answer: Good Afternoon Karen, I apologize for the delay in replying. Thanks for using our more than 100 year old product and writing to us. We are sorry that most stores do not carry this product. There were distribution problems a few years ago and we lost many stores. However we are right here in Des Moines and you can 1. Call us anytime at 1-877-974-7167 between Monday-Thursday 7:30 to 4:30, Friday 7:30 -3:30 to place an order and we would be very happy to ship it to you. 2. Log on to our website and order Golden Touch to be delivered to your home 3. Contact a pharmacy nearest to your home requesting them to call at 1-877-974-7167 and buy Golden Touch from us. They will be able to store it for you and sometimes even run a sale. It will be a lot easier than driving a 100 miles. Once again, we appreciate your efforts to use Golden Touch and hope that it will be more readily available now onwards. Good Skin to You! With regards,

Question: My sister just ordered the lotion w/o the mild fragrance - I would like to also. I have rosecea, what would you recommend?

Anne O'Connell

Answer: Good Morning Anne, Thank you for writing to us, we really appreciate your clientele. We do not have any treatments for rosacea, but keeping dryness away can prevent the symptoms. Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion is a very good moisturizer that spreads evenly and deeply into the skin. It abates dryness with frequent use, works best if you use it on wet skin. You can try using it for rosacea. Do let us know if you found it useful. To order Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion, you can log in to and go to the icon ‘Buy Online’ and choose the fragrance you like. Our Classic fragrance is ‘Orange Blossom’ and the new fragrance is ‘Lavender Vanilla’. You can also call and buy from us directly at 1-877-974-7167. Do write to us again. Good Skin to you! With regards,

Question: I notice the first ingredient in the Dry Touch Lotion is alcohol; does this not dry the skin? Is there a version available with less alcohol? Thank you for your time and attention.

Anne-Marie Haynes

Answer: Good Morning Ms.Anne-Marie, Thank you for writing to us about your concern about Golden Touch Lotion. As you have noticed, alcohol is the main ingredient in this lotion .It is the vehicle for delivery of the other moisturizers into the deeper parts of your skin. If used alone, alcohol will definitely dry the skin, but the formula has many more ingredients that work to balance the moisture on your skin. You will find that Chamberlain’s Golden Touch Lotion works faster than any other lotion, especially around wrinkled or chapped skin, because of the alcohol’s spreading character. This formula is more than 120 years old and we make it the same way all the time. At this time we do not have any variant except the new fragrance. We appreciate our decades old customers’ wish to maintain the same product they have used for so long. Please do write to us if you have any more questions. We really look forward to hearing from you. Good Skin to You! With regards,

Question: Where can I order Golden Touch Lotion? I live in LaSalle, Colorado and have had to order it off the internet. Now I can not find the Westbury IA web site to order. Please Help

Linda Gibson

Answer: Good Morning Linda, I am sorry if you are having trouble with the website. You can call us directly at 1-877-974-7167 to order over the phone. Westbury should have the product online sometime next week. Thanks for writing to us. Good Skin to you!

Question: Can you please tell me which of the Golden Touch Lotion scents is the mildest – the "new scent" of the "original "? Thank you.

Hudson Grotzinger

Answer: Good Morning Hudson, Thank you for writing to us about Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion. Our original fragrance is Orange Blossom and the new scent is Lavender Vanilla which is much milder and sweeter. Please let us know what would you like to buy. Good Skin to you!

Question: My father started to use your lotion in the '40's, He had a skin condition which only Golden Touch could relieve. No store has it now and I am nearly out. Can I still buy the original scent. Please reply. Thanks

Dale Wasson

Answer: Good Afternoon Dale, Thanks for writing to us about your father and his love for the Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion.It is an amazing product and we love to have you tell us that too. You can still buy Original fragrance Golden Touch Lotion . You can either call us directly at 1-877-974-7167 or you can buy it through the website. You can also request a Pharmacy near your house to call and buy from us. They will be able to stock it for you.Then you can even aask your family and friends to buy it from the Pharmacy store. Do keep writing to us. Good Skin to you! With Regards

Question: This is actually a comment. I was using Golden Lotion in the pour spout with fantastic results for spots of psoriasis. I ordered a good number of the lotion in the spray container and was disappointed to find it now has so much of what I think is alcohol and the effect is no longer the same. I imagine you had to increase the alcohol in order for the lotion to spray well but I am now stuck with 12 bottles of the spray version and great disappointment.

Karin Dungee

Answer: Good Morning Karin, Thank you very much for writing to us. I am really sorry for your disappointment in our product. However, I would like to point out that the product in the pour spout and the spray are exactly the same. You can try changing the sprayer with your old pour spout cap and it will work the way it did earlier. If you send us your mailing address, we can send you a few spout caps for increased convenience. Please do let us know your views. We appreciate your clientele and business. Good skin to you! With regards,

Question: I have used the Golden Touch lotion for years - great stuff! However, I was not aware of Golden Touch Hand Cream until visiting your website... what is the difference between the lotion and cream? My hobby is sleight of hand card magic and have found that Golden Touch is the ONLY lotion, after having tried out hundreds, that do not stain the cards. Many Thanks!

Ken Simmons


Question: My mother is 90 years old and has been using chamberlain's golden touch lotion for as long as I can remember (and I am 57). She thinks the fragrance has changed from what it was many years ago. Has it? How would you describe the fragrance?

wendy kremer

Answer: Good Afternoon Wendy, Thank you for writing to us. We are very honored by your mother’s loyalty to Chamberlain’s Golden Touch Lotion. We have been making this lotion for more than 110 years and in our recent history, we have always used Orange Blossom fragrance for the original Golden Touch lotion. Since last year we have introduced a new fragrance which is a blend of lavender and vanilla and we sell it as ‘New Scent’. Both are available for sale in the new 8.5 oz bottle. If you would like to try the fragrance, we can add a 2 oz. bottle of the lavender vanilla scent with your next order. Please convey our heartiest wishes to your mother and Good Skin to you! Regards,

Question: I found a chamberlain's glass bottle in the woods it looks as if it was corked and a small flat bottle. I was wondering what year it was from. DARYL METTS

daryl metts

Answer: Good Morning Daryl, Thanks for your interest in Chamberlain products. We haven’t used that bottle in the last 25 years; hence we may not be able to give you a precise year. The history section on our website, has more pictures and information; you may want to look through that to find out more. Please let us know if you find our current consortium of products of any interest to you. Good Skin to you!

Question: I was doing some digging the other day and came across a bottle of yours and was wandering how old it is and is it worth anything? It is 6 inches tall 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick , has a slite green tint to it but otherwise clear. It says Chamberlain' s Cough Remedy on the front,Des Moines ,IA.U.S.A. on the other side Chamberlain Med. Co. Any information wood be helpfull thanks again.

Aaron Logsdon


Question: A cousin of my husband introduced me to Golden Touch Lotion years ago when we visited her in Fresno, California. I fell in love with it and have used it ever since. It works wonders on hands and arms and legs, but is not as effective on my feet. Which of your products would you recommend for use there? My heels dry, peel and crack, especially during summer months when I wear sandals. When gardening I wear shoes, so it isn't a matter of getting burned or overexposed to the sun.

Rebecca Hatch

Answer: Good Morning Rebecca, Thank you very much for writing to us. We are glad that you have been using Golden Touch Lotion for several years, as many of our long time customers. We appreciate your loyalty and your business. For your feet, I would recommend the following routine that may help you during the summer months. Soak your feet in warm water for about 10 minutes and using a wash cloth or foot buff, scrape off the dead skin. Rinse your feet clean and spray Golden Touch Lotion liberally on the back of your wet foot and everywhere else. Let it air dry for a few minutes and you should be ready to go. This works best when you do it before bedtime, so that your feet have time to heal. If there are cracks that are open wounds, you may have to use an OTC antibiotic (like Neosporin). But if they are not open, you can use our Vitamin E 30,000 Cream on the spots to take care of the excessive dryness. Doing this at least once or twice a week should take care of your feet all time of the year. Please do let us know how you are doing and enjoy the good weather. Good skin to you !

Question: My Uncles friend who passed away at the age of 92 had an unopened bottle of Chamberlains Pain-Balm , wrapped in paper box. Price .25 Do you think this is still good?

Ron Grabell


Question: Hi, Patrick, Could you ever consider putting a 'little' tanning agent in the Golden Touch Lotion? ..........nothing drastic........perhaps a little tint..... I have just been introduced to your product last week and am enjoying the 'feel' of Golden Touch Lotion......I was thinking how grand it would be if it would make my legs a little more "glamorous".....I am 64 and think I am 36 ! Thank you. PS:could you please send some samples?

Jo Shealy

Answer: Good Afternoon Jo, It was a pleasure talking to you about Golden Touch Lotion today. I am glad that you liked the product that we have been making for more than 100 years. You can get more information about us at . Please do write us your views. Thanks/Regards

Question: my order ups number 1zy420e90302519756 was delivered to Alvares in Brawly, Ca???? How do I recieve my order??

johanna grosso


Question: Stores in our area no longer carry Chamberlain products. So I have been trying to order them on line, but my computer says the sight provided is not secure. Also it does not carry all the items I want. So wish you would contact me so I could order direct from you. Thanks, Marrietta Bierma 308-636-2908

Marrietta Bierma


Question: Is this alcohol free? My grandaughter has dry patchy scaly skin, and complains that just about any product burns. We have tried just about anything on the market, and it "stings!" Also have a cousin newly diagnosed with Cancer, and needs alcohol free lotion for her dry skin.

Sandy Baker

Answer: Good Morning Mrs. Baker, I am sorry to hear about your cousin’s illness. I pray that she goes in remission soon. Our Golden Touch is not alcohol-free. However our Vitamin E 30,000 IU cream is very good for those extremely dry patches and it is very mild on application. Overnight application especially helps a lot to get rid of dry scaly skin. I hope this helps you. Thanks for writing to us, we appreciate your views and your business. Good Skin to you!

Question: What is he difference between GOLDEN TOUCH LOTION and GOLDEN TOUCH LOTION FOR DRY SKIN? I contacted the only vendor that you list for "ON LINE" purchases. They say it is the same formula. If so, why two names? Also have you any more "ON LINE" stores available? My local pharmacy in 55455 Mpls MN area does not handle your product any longer.

Robert Bartosch

Answer: Good Morning Robert, I am sorry for the confusion in names but Golden Touch Lotion is Golden Touch Lotion (for dry skin).It is the same unique product we have been selling for more than 100 years. We have however come out with new packaging in 8.5 oz more convenient bottle and a new fragrance in 2 oz. and 8.5 oz. sizes. Westbury Pharmacy is the online store that we have, you can also call us directly at 1-877-974-7167 to buy your needs. You can also request your local pharmacy to contact us directly so that they can stack this wonderful product for you. We really appreciate your views and your business. Wish you Good Skin!

Question: Several years ago the Golden Touch bottle had a flip top cap that seemed not to spill asmuch product. I had transferred that cap to the current bottles, however I inadvertently threw it away. Is it possible to purchase 4 of the 12 oz spray bottles as well as 2 of the 2 oz travel spray bottles?

Lucinda Reichle


Question: I was wanting to use your product for certain residents in a nursing home that have really dry skin. I was wanting to know if your product would be good to use and if it has any allergic reaction, please email me so I can use this produst thank you so much.

Shane Kerby

Answer: Thank you very much for your interest in our products. Golden Touch Lotion has been around for more than 100 years and especially a favorite of seniors as it is very easy to spread on the skin. It seeps into wrinkled skin instantly because of its watery nature and the deep moisturizers soon alleviate dryness. After showers, you can give your residents a splash of Golden Touch Lotion all over the body and then gently dry off. It leaves the skin very smooth and good to feel. Over such long history of this product, we have rarely heard anybody getting allergic to it. We have the lotion in our classic fragrance and have also come up with a new fragrance. If you let us know your address we can send you a sample of both for you to try and see for yourself the benefits for your residents. You can call us directly at 1-877-974-7167 to buy or buy it through the website which takes you Westbury Pharmacy. You can also request a pharmacy near to you to buy Golden Touch from us and stock for you. We appreciate your business and hope you will be part of our clientele who have been using Golden Touch for decades and can’t live without it. Good Skin to you!

Question: What took you so long to start advertising and good marketing for Chambarlains Lotion.

Irene Forss

Answer: Thankyou very much for your inspiration. We are under new management and trying to resurface the glory of Golden Touch Lotion which you already know is a wonderful product.We hope that our renewed efforts will let more people know about this product and help them alleviate dry skin. We appreciate you acknowledging our efforts. Good skin to you!

Question: I have found an old bottle, about 3 inches tall that says chamberlain hand lotion alcohol 49%, on the side. It looks to be really old. Could you give me idea how old it is?

Amy Just


Question: patrick i have a small medicine bottle approximently 3" tall which is marked chamberlain's hand lotion, alcohol 49%. it looks to have had a stopper in it at one time. did your company manufacture an product by this name and in a bottle this size, and if so, when. thank you for your time, yours truly, jackie

jackie smith


Question: patrick, are there any products that help in aiding the skin to tighten as you exercise?

Mary Villeagas

Answer: Dear Mary, Thank you for your interest in our products. We do not carry any product which targets tightening during exercise. However we will soon have a range of facial skin tightening products which we are developing right now. I hope you will find something useful then. In the meanwhile, good skin to you! Regards,