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Golden Touch Lotion - Original Moisturizer - 8.75 fl oz
Golden Touch Lotion - Original Moisturizer - 8.75 fl oz
Original Moisturizer 8.75 fl oz
Original Moisturizer 8.75 fl oz

Original Moisturizer 8.75 fl oz

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Vintage Vanilla Lavender Scent

Item # 77013
8.75 fl oz w/ Pour Cap

Using Chamberlain’s classic formula, our original moisturizer splash softens, soothes, and moisturizes dry skin - all without that greasy feeling afterwards. And with that familiar aroma of fresh vanilla and silky lavender, you’ll never need any other lotion. 

Experience luxury with our Original Moisturizer. 

Product Information

Application Areas - Face, Hands, Feet, Body 

Product Form - Liquid 

Skin Conditions - Dry, Chapped, Normal 

Fragrance - Mild

Key Ingredients - Glycerin


Recommended Uses

Facial Moisturizer

Body Lotion after a shower and before toweling off

Rub a generous amount into cracked and dry areas as needed

Gently spread onto skin overexposed to the sun 

Apply under make-up

Apply after shaving

Spread on dry and cracked feet several times a day 



For external use only

People with skin allergies should spot test prior to use

Store at room temperature 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tried and Tested for 5 Generations - Still the Best!

We've been using Chamberlain's Lotion in my family for 5 generations.

My grandmother was born in 1913, and used Chamberlain's Lotion for most of her life. She wouldn't buy any other brand, she was so convinced it was the best. So, obviously, my mother remembers using it for most of her life, and also swore by its Golden Touch magic. Then came my generation, and I remember my mother using it on my hands and cheeks, and feeling the immediate sensation of the lotion working its miracles. Naturally, I sought out Chamberlain's Lotion after I got married and started raising my own kids.

A few weeks ago I was visiting my daughter and her family when my daughter and her husband commented that they needed to get more of that "magic lotion" for their children's chapped hands. Her husband is extra picky about products they use on their kids, and is usually doubtful over products I suggest or use--since I'm a bit "old-fashioned", so I had to ask what lotion they were referring to. Naturally, it was Chamberlain's Lotion! They said they have never found a better lotion to deal with chapped skin, it is simply a miraculous product! So while I was in town at their place that week I ordered another batch for them. It's a product that I have no problem splurging on for my family.

We love Chamberlain's Golden Touch Lotion, and hope to be using it in our family for generations to come!

For My Husband

My sister gave me a bottle of this bc we used it as children. My husband works outside in all weather. He uses it on his face to help keep it soft in the winter. Uses it on his hands and sunburns in the summer.