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What skin care products do celebrities use

There is nothing that comes close to the moisturizing qualities of the Chamberlain Lotion. It gives immediate results.

» Frankie

I just have to write you a note of appreciation and thanks. I don't believe there is a better product in existence today - and the price remains so reasonable.

» Wilma - La Canada, CA

Chamberlain's Golden Touch Lotion has been a staple of our family for decades and four generations.

» Alisa - Waxhaw, NC

I prefer this lotion over creamy lotions, as it gives a good feel to the hands and better handling of papers without the stickiness of creams. It can be applied to the body quickly after a shower, and has a pleasant fragrance which soon disappears. This is something I also like because I am allergic to most fragrances in lotions and colognes.

» Mildred - Beach Grove, IN

I have used no lotions on my body except Chamberlain's for the last 30 years. I am 67 and I would like to testify that I have been complimented many times on the tone and youthfulness of my skin by people who know skin care. Honestly, people are embarrassingly amazed at my skin tone and I believe that the quality and health of my skin is directly related to my long-term use of Chamberlain's Lotion.

» Alexandra

I was 17 when I began the daily ordeal of shaving, a task I dreaded because of the 'set-you-on-fire' shaving lotions that smelled good but left my face feeling like leather. I then discovered that Chamberlain's Lotion was a fantastic pre-after shave lotion which would not leave my face feeling dry and diminish the burning sensation of the after shave lotions.

» Kendall - Claremont, CA

I discovered your lotion about 2 months ago while cleaning out my grandmother's closets. After using the lotion I have been amazed at the results! Please send me the price or a brochure/catalog and I'll send it right back so I don't run out of your great product.

» Jennie - Yucson, AZ

From a woman who had to leave her house immediately because a river was rising and was about to flood her house: 'I went upstairs to my bathroom, grabbed my toothbrush and my Chamberlain Lotion! I thought if I were going to be uprooted, I'd at least be comfortable! My family and friends were not surprised at the decision. Chamberlain's been my lotion since I was 16. I'm now 78 and very addicted to your lotion.

» June - Rogue River, OR

I found some Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion at a local thrift store and have been using it for myself and in my job as a nursing assistant for the elderly. The results have been remarkable. I have seen 90 year old skin look 20 years younger.

» Linda - Everett, WA

Hi, I am a nurse working night shift in a very small hospital. I?m taking care of this little lady who is 88 years old and she doesn?t look a day over 65. She has Chamberlain Lotion sitting on her nightstand and she says she has been using it for 40 years. Her skin has no wrinkles! I want some.

» Deborah - Middlesboro, KY

It's the Best in the West.

» Kelly

Your lotion brings back visions of kitchen activities completed and grandmother and me joining granddaddy on the back porch to sit and enjoy the sun setting over the Rocky Mountains. Along with the flood of loving childhood memories, my skin looks and feels wonderful. It?s more than body care? It?s mind, body and spirit care. Thank you for being there all these years.

» Lynn

I first learned of Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion from The Professor, Dai Vernon, and I've been using it prior to my close up performances for several years and can highly recommend it as it's the perfect lubricant for those of us who perform slight of hand. I always carry a container in my close up case. It really does the trick for dry hands.

» John Thompson (p.k.a. The Great Tomsoni)

Chamberlains Golden Touch is the best hand lotion I have ever found, used it since I was a child, and I am in my 80s. Dont know what I would do if i couldnt find it.

» Ruth Giachetto

My sister-in-law has used this product for decades. She was no longer able to find it locally, so after some investigation, she found it in a town 2 hours away. She bought 12 bottles! But the best part is she gave me a bottle and now I want more!

» Judy

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